3 years ago
On "Owned Art" and Takedown Compliance
I'm not a fan of the idea of "owned art." I find it at odds with the way art is shared over the Internet, which is in turn the essence of how art SHOULD be shared - it's out there for everyone to view and to interpret for themselves. That said, I must defer to the wishes of image creators given the work they put into their pieces...and THAT said, I must defer to the sense of digital preservation in the event that an image creator goes total drama-llama and burns down every primary source of their art in some fit of cracking under the pressure of trolls.

- When finding new images to post, avoid posting images with big "do not share" notices watermarked onto the images themselves. They get the point across obviously enough, and are garish enough besides to ruin the image at large.
- [super_amala_midnight] and [super_amala_midnight_2] exist as tags now, as will [p4girl] when I'm arsed to source its preview images. I furthermore plan to buy the dead-tree copies of each book once the Daily Megaten e-store finally actually opens, and will delete anything that isn't a preview page or an askblog reaction crop.
- Images with the [source_deleted] tag or some checkered history (such as an iqdb check returning deleted instances of the image for "blacklisted artist" or similar reasons) will be preserved to the fullest prudent extent. Because how am I supposed to care about the drama that led you to shut down your art blog if you deleted it AND all the comments that led to it?
- The 'fullest prudent extent' does not supersede the usual booru.org rules regarding DMCA takedown notices or illegal content being posted.

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