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Implicated Tags, Gag/Meme/Subjective Tags, and Other Natter
It's a tag use/disambiguation wiki/style bible like on a respectable booru...ersatz, of course. Note that more established users reserve the right to countermand my newfag ass at anytime on these matters.

- [space_marine], [demonee-ho], [black_samurai], [jack's_squad], and all Red Sprite crewmembers tagged by name implicate this tag by default.
- Use in conjunction with Strange Journey characters who change out of Demonicas ([gore], [jimenez], [zelenin]), other substantial appearance of the Demonica in SMT4 (i.e. [flynn]'s previous incarnation being depicted as a Counter-Demon Force member), or humans/demons elsewhere who are wearing bodysuit or full Demonica as A Thing.

IMPLICATED TAG: raidou_kuzunoha_(cosplay)
- Implicated by [raiho].

- Obviously implicated by all of his human/human-ish aliases: [louis_cypher], [louisa_ferre], [hikaru], et al.
- Technically implicated by [helel] and [satan], and vice versa.

- Implicated by all incarnations of [yuriko] unless Atlus decides to do something different. Incidentally, [yuriko] will not be split between her SMT1 and SMT4 incarnations on account of this.

- Implicated by [gabby].

IMPLICATED TAGS: demon and fiend
- Obviously implicated by any demon tagged by name (the former) or any demon of the Fiend race tagged by name (the latter). I'm frankly against using both, as tagging the mere presence of a demon is uninformative (if we were to follow the official booru's example, it'd be easier to go [1demon], [2demons], [no_demons], etc.) and tagging demons by race means also tagging them by Arcana, and both of these tend to shift from game to game/release to release.

- Demon tags from DDS implicate human identities, but not the converse. If both forms are present, think before using [dual_persona] (more on this in general below).

- [nemissa] implicates [hitomi_tono] but not the other way around.
- Among the other Spookies, hacker handles implicate real names and vice versa. Tag with both until we decide which class to alias into the other:
|| shingo_sako / six
|| yuichi_haga / yu-ichi
|| junnosuke_kitagawa / lunch
|| masahiro_sakurai / spooky
- If for some odd reason Masahiro "Spooky" Sakurai comes into contact with the real-life one, disambiguate using [masahiro_sakurai_(nintendo)].

- By rule of brevity, [imakyo] is considered the primary tag for the protagonist. This and [kyouji_kuzunoha] implicate each other.
- Both of the above implicate [sukeroku] for his cameo in Soul Hackers.

- Implicated by [akira_(infernal_tokyo)].
- If the torrent tracking website of the same name somehow comes into play, disambiguate with [demonoid_(website)].

- Obviously implicated by all memes tagged by name. Tag anyway for expedited general access.

IMPLICATED TAGS: crossover and parody
- Ditto [meme].

- Implicated by [ryoji_mochizuki].

- Amane's hair flower must have black petals in it for her to implicate [jezebel] and be tagged accordingly. Otherwise she merely implicates [remiel].
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GAG TAG: demon_pimp
- For use in any case where it is explicitly noted that the human has selected their demons (or plans to do so) based on their beauty/feminine characteristics/etc. above all other considerations.

GAG TAG: angel_(cosplay)
- Make sure the binds on the character match Angel's IMAGINE/Persona or Devil Summoner designs (or her oldschool designs, though that may fall outside intended use of this tag), otherwise it is merely [bdsm].

MEME TAG: let's_positive_thinking
- To be used when the phrase is explicitly stated (in English or Japanese), paraphrased thus, or when Maya's optimism results in ironic backlash. Proper translation as "Let's Think Positive" does not count.

MEME TAG: i_came_here_to_laugh_at_you
- Implicates [quattro_bajina_(cosplay)] and [crossover] with [mobile_suit_zeta_gundam].

MEME TAG/DISAMBIGUATION: grinning_sailors vs. laughing_whores
- [grinning_sailors] is the current majority of [yotsuba_b] memes, and is denoted by neither participant having their head in their hands, and both participants facing each other. [laughing_whores] features both participants facing to the left and the right-hand one having their head in their hands.

FOCUS TAGS: dual_persona/multiple_persona
- Characters with dual identities must be readily identifiable as focus characters of the image to justify use. (Ex: [setanta] and [cu_chulainn] would be tagged with dual_persona if they were the focus of an age-contrast pic, but not if they were just showing up to that huge Nocturne every-demon pic where Demi-Fiend is the clear focus.)
- Implicated, should the need ever arise, by the gag tag [im_gonna_need_two_evokers_for_this_one].

SUBJECTIVE TAGS: hires/absurdres
- Based on use of a 1600x900 monitor, I'm gonna call the lower limit of [hires] at 1.5 times either respective dimension and the upper limit at 3x.

FOCUS TAGS: genderflip vs. genderswap
- -swap involves two characters of opposing genders changing genders. If only a single character is depicted in the opposite gender (or if all thus transmuted characters are of the same original/resultant gender), use -flip instead.

FOCUS TAGS: Alignments and alignment_contrast
- All human/demon characters in an image must be of the same in-game alignment OR be depicted driving out or otherwise admonishing their opposite OR advocating for their alignment to tag as [law], [chaos], [neutral], etc.
- [alignment_contrast] more often than not implicates [law] and [chaos].
- The aftermath of opposing/killing both of a game's alignment representatives is more often than not [neutral].

- [reiho] is a female Jack Frost in P1. [rei_reiho] is a Kuzunoha operative in the Devil Summoner subline. [raiho] is a Jack Frost in a Raidou suit (see above), but not to be confused with [raiho_(p1)] who is merely Reiho's counterpart as a younger Jack Frost.
- [gouto] is Raidou Kuzunoha XIV's cat-mentor. Ditto [goto] but for Raido. [gotou] is a JSDF dude from SMT1.
- [angel] is an entry-level Divine demon and sometimes BDSM enthusiast. [jenna_angel] is a human from DDS.
- [raidou_kuzunoha_xiv] doesn't have the face scar, [raido_kuzunoha_xiv] does.
- [mary] is Dr. Victor's maid from Soul Hackers. [marie] is the stupidihateyouterriblepoet from Persona 4 Golden.
- [seraphim] is a high-level Divine demon, more recently known simply as Seraph. [seraph] is a humanoid from DDS. We're going with Metatron's suggestion on the former (see below) because it's less kludgy than deprecating only one of [seraph_(demon)] or [seraph_(dds)] but not the other.
- [okuninushi] is a male, humanoid Kishin (more recently Kunitsu thanks to SMT4 shuffling all of Japan's native gods into their own special snowflake races). [okiku-nushi] is a female, wormlike Vermin.
- [cerberus] has either one or three heads and predominantly white fur. [orthrus] has exactly two heads and sandy fur with a green mane.

MEDIA TAG: no_media_specified
- Created to be a catch-all for all the random demon images that haven't been given a game/work context via human presence, artist tags on the original source, or obvious [/smtg/] tomfoolery. PUT YOUR DEMON IMAGES WITHOUT HUMANS HERE, unless the latter two apply.
- [grinning_sailors] edits go here too despite obvious /smtg/ connotations. I've stolen a couple from /pg/; I know y'all are cross-threading too.
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Regarding Dante from the Devil May Cry series
Unless presented in an explicit [devil_may_cry] context, [dante] is always considered a Nocturne cast member. This is waived if a [crossover] is in play that includes other non-Megaten properties.
[featuring_dante], being a Meme Tag, should have self-evident rules for use.
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I propose to use seraphim instead of seraph_(demon), as that was the name used for this daemon in the past and is more proper in the context of angelology, whereas seraph is more popular as a name.
3 years ago
Approved. Should result in less disambiguation work overall.

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