3 years ago
Quarantine Measures
Until such a time as whoever actually owns this booru logs in and cleans up the furry cancer, registered users are advised to add "-" to their Blacklisted Tags.

Unregistered Users, you'll just have to put up with miles of blank post pages and whatever I haven't managed to report yet.

Even this isn't a 100% fix; some stuff came in via [tagme].

Random button is unsafe for non-administrative use at this time. YOU RISK BEING EXPOSED TO THE CANCER IF YOU USE RANDOM. Be prepared to report/downvote in that instance. Until otherwise confirmed, assume the same for searching tagme.

EDIT 5/7: Random sampling and a full downvote of all furry/other cancer seems to indicate that affected posts, if not deleted, have been downvoted so hard they're no longer showing up when using Random. [tagme] and unfiltered post browsing still reek of the White's handiwork, however (unfiltered = 38.5 pages of barren wasteland!).

CLARIFICATION: The above may simply be the result of my blacklisting of "-" taking effect. Unregistered users are hereby advised to continue taking precautions when using Random and browsing broad tags such as [tagme] and [crossover].
3 years ago
Where's the owner of this -booru anyway? Those 770 furry pics are so fucking annoying...
To whoever did this, if you're reading this, you're a fucking piece of furry-trash.
3 years ago
I now have Admin access and can begin deleting offending posts. It'll be a slow road, with Power Mode/Control Panel access unavailable to me.

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