2 years ago
Places to Find Art
So let's go hunting for Mystic Relics.

Pixiv Translation Plus for any browser that can support Greasemonkey and its scripts is a must. Actually having a Pixiv account is optimal for access to R-18 images and original-resolution images.

A "tagpendium" of sorts will follow in a forthcoming Forum post. PTP has mainstream-ass prebuilt tag indices, and what few built-in tags can be used to search Megaten content don't always match up 1:1.

Getting to Japanese Twitter from Normie Twitter or even Weeaboo Twitter can be a bit of a crapshoot, but typically western Megaten twitters will find some excuse to retweet a Japanese or Korean Megaten artist and you can start building your network from there.

[megaten_69min]: The west's big "here's a topic, draw Megaten art around it" event. The west being what it is, expect to have to mine out a ton of chicken scratch and BL posts to find proper gems. Monitor by searching #megaten_69min. Admin account @megaten_69min.
[megaten_midnight_drawing]: Japan's answer to the above. On a 60-minute timer. Monitor by searching #女神転生版深夜のお絵描き60分1本勝負. Admin account @megaten_one_.

Tumblr and deviantART
Rampant BL, occasional Disney Nose, and the odd raving Do Not Repost lunatic abound here, at least until the latter shutters their account in some Whiteman Problems-related huff. On the upside, it's all fairly high-res and willing to broach topics/memes/fandom intersections the Japanese fanartists won't, including lewds of demons not named Alice or Moh Shuvuu.

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